The First Session

In the initial consultation, I will get to know what is bringing you to therapy and listen to any parts of your problem that you feel are important. You will get a feel for what our work might look like, and see if you feel comfortable with me. A good fit is important in the therapeutic relationship, and if you decide I'm not the right therapist for you, I'm happy to provide you with a referral that might better suit your needs. 

We will also discuss the fee for services rendered, which could include gaining an understanding of your financial situation, possibility of using out-of-network insurance, etc. During this time I will give you two forms – my psychotherapy contract and a contact information form. 

Second Session, Onward

After the first session, you may have had any variation of thoughts or feelings in reaction to sharing such sensitive information with someone new. I urge you to share these feelings, if possible. 

In our second session, I may be more directive while getting to know more about your problem. If we didn't discuss it before, I may want to know about your history around the following: your family, your friends, your childhood, your interests and hobbies, education, employment, medical problems, sexual issues and preferences, traumatic events, and any other details that may seem important to discuss. 

After getting your detailed history, I urge you to share whatever comes to mind as important. Whether it be a good or bad event in your week, a dream, a feeling, a goal, or related to something that is happening in the room; it is all relevant. If you don't feel like talking, that can be informative, too.

For a while, I will be listening closely, speaking less in an effort to better understand your issue. However, this does not mean I will be silent. I will give you feedback; help you make connections and gain self-awareness. I will help you understand what you are feeling, and make sense of your life.